Nigeria; A Death Zone For All – Comr Bello Adewale

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I have served as prisoner of conscience well enough, to be freed from the crimes of the past, committed from looking the unpolitical, unethical, heartless and ruthless governmental practises in the Nigeria state. I honestly want to do without, but, keeping silence is much alike to taking slowly, poison and making an early grave for many of us who have been trampled upon.

Most Nigerians believe the political syndrome created by these crooks, sons of perdition, murderers inciting undemocratic rules on her citizens to be the truer way to govern her states.

Why should the government be feared and the citizens be feareful?

Abraham Lincoln once said “When the government fears its citizens, there’s rule of law, but, when its citizens fear the government, then, there’s tyranny.

Isn’t the Nigerian State tyrannical?

Why should billions of Naira’s be annually budgeted for the Nigerian states without transparent execution?

Why should external debts accumulates?

The Debt Management Office released Nigeria’s Public Debt Stock as at March 31, 2021. The Total Public Debt Stock which comprises of the Debt Stock of the Federal Government of Nigeria (FGN), thirty-six (36) State Governments and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) stood at. 107 trillion or USD87. 239 billion. And, as of today a sitting President known by his character is still asking for a whopping sum of 4 billion dollars loan request form to be approved on behalf of you and I at the expense of what? The same Ajaokuta steel plant that money is yearly budgeted for or federal roads and projects which since decades ago hasn’t been completed or what, if I may ask?

Is Nigeria a Limited liability Company?

May I ask if we’ve all been cursed to see our problems and still pick up fight with our struggling neighbours.

A Nigeria where being a janitor in the overseas is proud to say than being a graduate of any discipline.

I asked “why many never survive?” A myopic, blinded and gluttonous beast like the FFK replied with “poverty is a global phenomenon, no government of the world could rightly solve”

May I remind you of what these self-centered leaders did during the Covid-19 pandemic? Sending so many people to the graveyard of hunger and starvation.

The word “Government” definition in Nigeria, had long been twisted to ” Chop Make I Chop My Own

While other world leaders are found on the frontiers of technological innovations, tourism and scientific research fundings for improved global securities, Nigeria’s politicians are moving around like buffalo’s in their regalia’s to different nations of the world to enjoy the peak of El-dorado.

Our defending heroes are been killed daily on the battle fields, spirits mourning with horrible solos, hunger, a no respecter of ordinary Nigerians while our health and health system is crumbling, graduates are becoming jobless, while political motivated thugs, bandits and terrorists are building mansions and living in the goldmine city.

They have plans to kill many citizen’s with their high paid thugs and assassins has always for the upcoming elections to make their vote counts. If no, prove me wrong! Justify their reversal on the electronic voting system 😡

They are beast who feeds on anyone to keep their relevancy

Would a government who cares for the lives of her citizen’s be careless with the laws to protect her citizens?

It’s really sad and dark! To be called a Nigerian without having the joy of sovereignty at heart

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© I am Comr. Bello Baba

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